Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our adventure to Charleston!

Hello everyone!! We are getting settled here in our new apartment and finally have internet, so here is the long-awaited blog post about our trip!

Before the BIG MOVE:
  • We made sure to spend lots of time with family and friends before we left Boston. We threw a party at a bar in the city called the Pour House, and friends from Plymouth, Emmanuel, MIT/PKT and work came to celebrate with us. It was a really fun night and we were so happy to see everyone before we left.

Bay State friends at our Pour House going away party 6/24.

PKT brothers at our Pour House going away party 6/24.
  • Both of our families had going-going away BBQ’s for us. Rob’s family came to Plymouth on Sunday 6/26, and my family and family friends had a big BBQ bash the night before we left (6/29). These happy occasions made saying goodbye a little easier. Thank you to everyone who came to wish us well. Thank you also to our Moms & Dads who organized everything. We love you. 

Mom & Dad at our going away BBQ 6/24.

Mike, Mary & Josie at our going away BBQ 6/29.

Uncle Jim, Nicole, Brian and Jay at our going away BBQ 6/29.

Josie, Auntie Jo, Mom & Mary at our going away BBQ 6/29.

The day of the BIG MOVE:
  • The movers arrived at around 9AM on the morning of the 29th to pack our apartment up and load it into the truck. Rob and I watched them (slowly) pack everything and then waved goodbye to our first home as a family. 

Us saying goodbye to our empty apartment on Pleasant Street!!
  • We loaded the car and left Plymouth on the morning of the 30th. Our Moms packed us snacks for the road (cute) and Ed gave us two huge mugs of iced Kona coffee (thanks Dad!!!). We said quick goodbyes to our families and then hopped in the car before I could cry too hard. I think I cried until about Taunton.. and then I finally started to feel the excitement.
  • We had a pretty easy ride until we reached New York. There was a ton of traffic going into the city so Rob decided to take a brief “detour” using one of our GPS features… straight through The Bronx. Not fun. Rob promised to follow the directions for the rest of the trip ;-)
  • We arrived in Philadelphia around 5PM. We found a parking garage really easily using my fancy Iphone and made a quick stop at the visitor’s center to plan our evening. Philadelphia is BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely loved it there. We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and had a real Philly cheesesteak for dinner. After dinner we found a Starbucks and used their free wi-fi to plan the rest of our trip. 

Us at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia!

Rob’s Philly Cheesesteak!
  • We left Philly around 9PM on day 1 and drove to DC. The drive was really easy and we even drove by the Citizens Bank Stadium where the Phillies were playing the RED SOX! A little taste of home! We arrived in DC around 11:30PM and checked into the Mariott right on F street. The hotel was BEAUTIFUL and in a great location. 
  • We woke up bright & early on the morning of Day 2 and went to see the main attractions in DC. We saw the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pool (which had no water in it due to construction!), the WW2 memorial, and the Washington Monument. I think we were the most efficient tourists DC has ever had! We walked about 6 miles that morning and then had a lovely little breakfast at a cafe on F street before we checked out of our hotel. 

The White House!!

Massachusetts and South Carolina were right next to each other at the WW2 memorial! How fitting!
  • We were back on the road by noon, and arrived in Florence, SC around dinner time. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then got some much needed sleep.
  • We made it to Charleston by 11AM on Friday and went to our first apartment showing at 11:30AM! We saw 5 apartment complexes on the first day in Charleston. We wanted to make sure we really saw everything before we made a decision to lease somewhere. (We actually filled out an application (not a lease) at a complex in Summerville, SC on Friday.. but withdrew it a day later after reading some reviews about crime in the area online.)

Rob & his first CAROLINA SWEET TEA! :)
  • The Navy allows us to take 10 days to find an apartment. During those 10 days you are required to stay at the Navy Lodge on base. We hadn’t made reservations yet (didn’t know exactly when/how long we’d be there), so we called the morning we arrived in Charleston. I couldn’t find the number ANYWHERE. Not online, and not on the automated Navy Lodge phone listing. We were a little confused at first, but decided just to go about our day and figure it out after we went to our apartment showing appointments. WELL, it turns out there is NO Navy Lodge in Charleston! Whoops! We hurried over to the Air Force base later that evening and their lodge was full. After a moment (or a few moments…) of panic on my part, the lovely reservation clerk at the AF Inn made us a reservation at a local hotel for the few nights they were full. THANK GOODNESS! We settled into the Holiday Inn right by the Charleston Airport. 
  • We woke up early (again) on Saturday morning to see more apartments… and ended up finding THE ONE! More about our fabulous little home in the next blog post. My fingers are tired!

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