Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I don’t consider myself a cynic. In fact, I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl. I try to find the positive in everything.. but for some reason I was completely AGAINST forming any attachment to Charleston when we first arrived here.. including getting attached to friends. I had such a hard time leaving Boston friends behind that I just decided I wouldn’t bother making friends here. Why make friends when you just have to leave them? Leaving is hard. The less attachment I have to this place, the easier it will be to leave.

I have so many wonderful people in my life. Sometimes I wonder how I got so blessed. Why would I need any extra friends here in Charleston? I’m blessed and I have everything I need. I mean, I have the most incredible husband in the world. I have amazing, supportive parents. My sister is my best friend. My Grandparents are DEFINITELY better than yours. My Aunties are like my other Mom’s, and my cousins are more like sisters and brothers to me than cousins. My cousin Jamie is my other half. Rob’s family has become my own, too. I love them more than I could have ever imagined I would.

My college roommates are some of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met. Amanda, my MOH and twin. Lauren, the one who texts me EVERY Wednesday night for our remote Law&Order SVU “date”, Chelsey.. one of the most supportive, positive people I’ve ever met. Meg, my first roommate and one of my biggest fans (I love you). And Brittany, one of my best friends in the world and one of the people I would honestly do ANYTHING for.

Other college friends too: Rob Littleton (who’s marrying Brittany – could that BE any more perfect?). Christopher, Kendyll, Joe and Jordan –four people I gave my heart to within the first week of life at EC.. four people I still couldn’t live without.

Ali Nigro –a friend-of-a-friend who turned into a best friend. One of the most important people in my life… and the person who reminds me most often that she loves me (Thank you, Ali).

Plymouth friends, our wedding party, Jackie & Sethmo, PKT brothers, and my Bay State Fam. 

With all of those amazing people, why would I need more?

Well, it turns out I get attached to things pretty easily. And that’s ok. I love Charleston, I love my little house, and I love my friends here. And it’s all worth it – even if it will hurt when we leave

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