Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Official Orders

We're learning pretty quickly that "Plan NOT to Plan" is the unofficial motto of Navy families... but we're learning to roll with it :)

When we received our FIRST orders to Charleston last year we expected to be here for no longer than 1 year. Rob's first orders were to Nuclear Power School - the 6 month school he will graduate from in a few days. We expected to stay in Charleston for an additional 6 months for the next phase of training (Prototype), but knew we could also be moved to upstate NY for that training. We decided to make the most of our time here in Charleston just in CASE we had to move to NY for Prototype.

Well, with only a few days left of Power School we finally (!!) have our next orders! It looks like we'll actually be staying in Charleston for a whole 'nother YEAR! Rob will be on "hold" with the Navy for a few months, and will report to Submarine Officer Basic Course (SOBC) in Groton, CT sometime this Spring for a 10 week training. SOBC is an unaccompanied training, so I'll stay here in SC with the other USN wives. After SOBC Rob will come back to Charleston for Prototype, which will be his last phase of training before joining the fleet. There is a back-up in training with the entire submarine force of the Navy but hey -- another WHOLE year of living in Charleston!? We can totally handle that.

Here's to another year of sweet tea, palm trees, and my (2nd) favorite city in the country. Ahhh.

I think I need to get myself some cowboy boots.... :)


  1. Wives can go to SOBC. However, pets are not allowed at the Chalet. So we are trying to figure out what to do about our dog situation.

    1. You're right, wives can go to SOBC but it is technically an unacompanied duty station. You'll have to pay more per week for you to stay in the Chalet with him (isn't that crazy!?). We have a dog too, so it's just easier for me to stay behind than to worry about where to put our furchild for 10 weeks :) Also-- if you decide to stay behind your hubs will be eligible for spousal displacement pay for an unacompanied duty of 30+ days. Look into that!